Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Moving in a slightly different direction today, this is also not so much about any specific song however I will put in a few links.

I'm curious about how many people actually listen to trance music, by choice, and not only when at clubs/raves/what have you. I was introduced to it a little late in my listening career which was quite unfortunate because some of the things people manage to put together are just astounding.

The following link is for a song called Dark Angel which was put together by DJ Centaury & Wavetraxx


This is one I find myself frequently returning to mainly because of how it sends your mind on a journey. This piece is considered "Epic" or "Fantasy" trance which once you've listened to it you'll understand why. It has always fascinated me how these artists manage to build something so complex really out of nothing.

The classic trance scheme revolves around the beat which normally doesn't change through the entire piece. Some have a base line, others rely on a low synth pedal along with some sort of floating synth in the mids to dictate the chords. The magic of all of this is how simple the lines are, they almost effortlessly evoke any number of emotions ranging from tranquility to hope. 

Another example, though one I don't really listen to as much is Believe by Chris Da House vs. DJ Sledge Hammer


This one is more of a vocal song, with the main melody actually being sung (yes I know it's funny) as opposed to being all synth. I found many people I've discussed this with actually prefer this style because it's easier to discern a melody instead of having to pluck it out of multiple synth lines all moving at the same time. Personally, my favorite part of this piece is the little bridge at ~1:40 because unlike those who I've talked to, I prefer synth melodies and this is one I feel could be a song on it's own.

Finally I want to share a piece that is much more mellow, with no real driving bass or beat to it. It's from a guy I found on youtube named EvolutionOfTrance who has put out some really great music.


This is more of what I think of when I hear the word trance. Really laid back and yet just as powerful as the first one I linked. It doesn't quite grow as much as the others but still follows the pattern of slowly adding parts until the "climax" and then removing them. If I had to describe this one in a single word it would be Calming. There is really nothing meant to excite in the entire thing, just to relax and listen as the title says. 

With all posts I'm going to try and ask a couple questions at the end, if not to spark a discussion then to hopefully get you thinking about the music. I know this is a style that is associated with ravers and Eurodance clubs but as with all types of music, I hate that we place such restrictions on it and want to raise awareness on different styles or artists you would not normally listen to.
So my first question would have to be; Have you ever really listened to trance music? Just on it's own to listen to it as you would any other song. I'm not much of a club goer but I do really enjoy most trance.  
Also I tried providing 3 different styles, have you heard of any others that you think deserve mention? Which of the three do you prefer?

As always your opinions and thoughts are most welcome.


  1. I think generaly its what people like, I used to be into trance when I was 13/14, now I'm 25 im into metal mainly but i'm not stuck up about what I listen too. Trance does come back on my playlist at times :D

  2. intresting read, nice post :) I liked "Epic Trance - Dark Angel" the most tbh ^^ Following this blog from now

  3. Never been a fan of Trance but i might give it a try

  4. just checked out some of that musics.

    sounds good

  5. You would do good t check out Glen Morrison.

  6. Huge trance fan, good read.
    Check out my taste in music on my blog!