Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Eminem

Remember when I said I liked the new, more passionate Eminem? Well his latest released track is pretty much the opposite, sounding like it was straight off Relapse.

The beat is really simple, nothing overly complicated. Same drum beat the entire time with I think I counted 6 total chords from the synthed orchestra. Again this leaves a lot of room for Eminem to fool around with his syllable emphasis.

The main thing I liked about this song is it's the first one I've ever heard with B.O.B where he wasn't completely annoying or terrible. Lets be frank, this guy in the past hasn't really shown that he is a good rapper. Yeah it's a style that is different from others (such as Drakes) however his overall popularity should be a reflection of how good it actually it, which is not very.

But yeah, in this track, he killed it. His best verse of his career imo, mainly because he didn't try his crappy random overemphasis of words and changing pitch like an excited 12 year old. Still nothing compared to Eminem, but amazing compared to his career.

All in all, decent track, but there are others I would much rather listen too, even off Relapse itself.

Thoughts and comments appreciated


  1. I love eminem man. This is an epic song! Come come out my blog!

  2. eminem is one of the only artists that i like but still haven't gotten any of his albums. maybe i should change that.

  3. Not that bad. I enjoyed old Eminem songs. Now I am just not into the genre in general though.

    Great post, keep 'em coming!

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