Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Soundtracks

Hello everyone,
Sorry these have been less common then I intended so far, been fighting off a nasty cold and trying to catch all the rest I can.

Movie soundtracks are just amazing lets face it, they were written to make us feel really whatever the composer wanted us to feel whether it is inspired, scared, anxious or tranquil. Personally my favorite movie composer of all time is Hans Zimmer (who I'll post some examples of) but all in all, those writing music for movies are doing a dam fine job. Being a Hans Zimmer fan I was sort of disappointed when he got robbed at the Oscars for best score but even the Social Network had a decent score so I guess I'll live.

So Hans Zimmer, what else can I say. It's actually quite difficult for me to pick only a few songs to share because everything he writes is so amazing. I'll try to keep it to things people may not have heard before, because we've all heard Pirates of the Caribbean too many times to count.

First up a bouncy little melody from Madagascar. I'm hoping not many people will have heard this before as I only discovered it a few months ago browsing around on YouTube. I never saw the movie so I can't really speak for how well it fits in but from what I've seen through commercials and such, it seems like it would have perfectly. 

We've all seen Armageddon, most of us probably even cried when the mighty Bruce Willis sacrificed himself, and we've defiantly all been exposed to Don't Wana Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. However, Hans Zimmer composed the rest of the music for this movie and among it are some of the most moving melodies you will ever come across. 

Finally for Zimmer I wanted to share the soundtrack from Crimson Tide, a wartime movie focused around a submarine. This is the classic Zimmer epic soundtrack, lots of thumping bass that makes for a quite powerful theme. I've only seen bits and pieces of this movie but again, the music fits it quite well and adds that much more to the overall product.

Moving away from Hans Zimmer to a lesser known composer, Steve Jablonsky. This gem gave us the soundtrack for Transformers. Now I know the movie itself really wasn't that great and I stand by the fact that people only really enjoyed it because of the soundtrack. Again, it may be your classic epic french horn theme and whatnot but I still think it's great to just sit back and listen too.

Anyways, there is a lot more out there. I've spent countless hours just browsing around YouTube for different soundtracks and there are so many more that I want to share, and I probably will in a future post. What is your favorite movie soundtrack? and doesn't even have to be a full soundtrack, maybe just a single song from any movie?

And if I haven't won you over to team Zimmer yet, he composed the music for Gladiator, nuff said.

As always your comments are appreciated


  1. Lisa Gerrard is the woman who sang on the gladiator tracks, great sound track. Cassherns sound track is great too.

  2. iam missing the sunshine and sleuth ost! otherwise great compilation

  3. I am missing "Oh Brother where art thou"! Best music ever

  4. Scarface soundtrack kicking ass, try this. ;)

  5. awesome, my favorite is Indiana Jones or Star Wars.

  6. I'd recommend the works of Michael Giacchino, Jeff Beal and Thomas Newman

  7. I've been really sick too. I was throwing up all of last night.

  8. I'm also a big fan over Zimmer's work.

  9. Hans Zimmer's work on The Rock was incredible, especially on Hummel Gets the Rockets.