Monday, February 28, 2011

New Dre+Eminem "I Need a Doctor"

First off if you haven't heard it yet here's the link
Contains explicit language so avoid if you're at work

On the video itself, I think it's quite well produced. The videos of the old crew together brings back memories. This is all happening in Dre's memories as he's driving around until he gets in a quite spectacular accident.

The new, more emotional Eminem then comes in, with a tribute to Dre who is lying on a futuristic operation table. I have to say I like the new Eminem, his words seem so much more powerful and emotional now then they were before (with a few exceptions). As always his method of moulding lyrics around the beat is masterful and is just as important to the underlying beat as the kick and snare.

Dre did better then I expected, I haven't been to fond of some of his more recent tracks but here he keeps it nice and simple which really compliments Eminem's more rhythmically complicated style.

The hook is provided by Skylar Grey which is really comparable to Rihanna's hook in Love the Way You Lie off Recovery. In fact, apart from the obvious lyrical differences, it sounds almost the same. Hopefully she'll preform it live better then Rihanna does.

Personally this is the style of rap I'm more drawn to. It's emotional, powerful and catchy, something that everyone can really get into (provided you don't mind a few profanities). If it was up to me, I would drop down the beeping phaser in the verse a bit and bring in a bit more piano but otherwise I think it sounds great and is something I would like to see more of in the future.

My only real criticism is I wish it went on longer so I didn't have to keep switching tabs to replay it


The Oscars

On a side note, I know on CTV when Melissa Leo dropped the F-Bomb we heard it loud and clear but I'm curious if people heard it on other stations. All I know for sure is that some idiot lost his job because he forgot to put on the 7 second delay we've all grown to know and love



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